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In order to participate in the auction, you must be our buyer at least once. Also apply one month in advance to participate.
In our store we hold a closed auction every month. At the auction we present the most beautiful models of vintage wristwatches. They all have their own history and are of great value. Auctions are held only in our store in Bienne.
Vintage watches will always be unique because they are no longer manufactured. Each piece has its own history and individual characteristics, making it special and unique.
Many vintage watches were made at a time when quality was paramount, and they can last for decades if cared for properly.
Some vintage watches can be worth considerably more than their original value. Buying a vintage watch can be a worthwhile investment, especially if you choose exclusive models that are limited in quantity.
Many vintage watches have a classic design and elegant style that has remained fashionable for many years. Buying a vintage watch can be a good choice for those looking for something more unique and stylish than a modern watch.
What are the features
of vintage watches
Buying a vintage watch can be more environmentally friendly than buying a new watch because you are buying something that already exists instead of buying a new product that may be damaging to the environment.
Environmentally friendly
Our specialists carefully select a collection of vintage watches to offer a diverse assortment to suit different tastes and preferences. Each watch is hand-selected and carefully inspected to ensure that it meets our strict standards of authenticity and quality.
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Vintage timekeepers is the place to find vintage wristwatches that will be the perfect addition to any collection.
Whether you're a collector or first time buyer, our team helps you find the perfect vintage watch for your style and budget. We understand that buying a watch can be a big investment, we hope to make the buying process easy for you.
Keep your watch in its case or on a watch pad. This will help keep your watch in good condition and protect it from dust and damage.
How to Care for
vintage watches
Avoid contact of vintage watches with water and steam, as they may damage the seal and cause moisture to penetrate the inside of the watch.
Clean the watch with a soft cloth and do not use abrasive products. Using a special watch cleaner can help keep the watch face shiny and clean.
Have your vintage watch serviced regularly by a professional who has experience with vintage movements. This will not only keep your watch in good condition but also improve its performance and extend its life.
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